An interactive book, covering Angular directives, modules, services, controllers, routing, and more.

This first book in the series will be completely free.
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Updated: March 11, 2014

Much more than a PDF

  • Live coding environment

    Change, break, tweak, and expand

    Every Angular example in the book is editable and run within a sandboxed JavaScript environment, just like in Plunker or jsFiddle, but with the appearance of a book. Since the examples execute on every change, you'll never need to worry if the code actually works.

  • Ready-to-use API Server

    The sample app is the real deal

    Not only are Angular and associated libraries live in the pages of the book, all server interactions are live as well, backed by a working RESTful API server, just like on a real project.

  • GitHub Examples

    For immediate use in your own projects

    Every example in the text is linked directly to a GitHub-hosted source file, ready for download.

  • CoffeeScript Version

    Angular is great in CoffeeScript

    CoffeeScript fan? Me too. The entire experience is available in a parallel CoffeeScript version.

  • Quick Reference PDF

    Optimized version for reference use

    Once you've been through the full interactive, online version once (or twice), it's helpful to have the same information in a condensed format that you can easily access anywhere, anytime.

  • Nanocasts

    Short, laser-focused screencasts

    Sometimes you just need to see it being done. A few seconds of watching the author generating a new Angular project or running end-to-end tests can save hours of head-scratching.

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The author

My mission is to change the way we learn programming

The author

My mission is to change the way we learn programming

Developer productivity nut

  • I got the idea for ScriptyBooks several years ago, while reading an e-book about JavaScript programming on my MacBook Air. Wanting to run one of the examples, I downloaded a zip file from the publisher's web site, puzzled over where to expand it, opened the project in an IDE, and finally located the correct code example from the book. Then I realized I had to create my own HTML document to hold the fragment. Even then it didn't run, and I went on a hunt for dependencies.

  • Why, if I was reading a book about a front-end technology on a computer, should I have to go through so much pain just to run the examples? A short time later I discovered Marijn Haverbeke's book Eloquent JavaScript, and realized I could use his CodeMirror project to realize my own vision: An e-book that looked great, with beautiful type and a clean layout; but with editable, runnable code examples, right there in the text.

  • Chris Smith

    Web Developer and Author

    Twitter | GitHub

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What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying

Praise for the author's recent interactive book,

“This is a truly amazing concept, and your implementation seems nearly flawless. I really think it might be a game changer in the world of programming literature.”

Simon Hicks

“Backbone + CoffeeScript by @quartzmo is incredibly well done. It's not just a book, it's an experience.”

Eric Berry

“I haven't yet had a tutorial on Backbone that's made much sense to me, and this has been the best by far... It's wonderful. The material was well presented, and the interactive examples made a big difference. I went back and forth, reading code, reading descriptive text, executing, tweaking. It's a great format for learning.”

Brandon Hays

“Very nice way to "read" about code — extremely helpful to be able to live-tinker with the code and see what happens when you do.”

Chriztian Steinmeier

“So far so good! Taking it all in, really well done book. Tired, but too interested to stop.”

Sam Barnum

“This book is a really great piece of work. I have been able to put in production a backbone widget on a customer website today starting with almost no backbone knowledge yesterday.”


“Dang this is cool. I have to say you have done a bang up job with inlining the test environment right into the book. Very cool.”

Michael Natkin

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Strictly news about the books

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Strictly limited to news about the book series

The first book is nearly done. And it will be free.

March 11, 2014

The first book in the series, Angular Basics, is nearing completion.

And as a showcase for the ScriptyBooks interactive platform, the first book will be FREE.

As the author, I'm absolutely overjoyed about this. It's been a work of love and I want it to reach as many people as possible.

In April there will be a soft pre-release of the beta version of the book. For early access, please join the mailing list.

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